IRA Conversions

United Solutions Group advisors pride themselves in this special arena. They are Master Elite Advisors on IRA and Qualified Plans according to Ed Slott, National author, speaker, and America’s foremost expert on IRA planning.

USG specializes on the most vital and most often ignored part by most Advisors………the Distribution Phase. At 70 1/2 all Americans are required to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from all Qualified Plans.

It’s in the Distribution Phase that clients need the most help because this is when taxes are due from the Deferral Stage. As the IRA or Plan Participant gets older the RMD’s gets larger, which creates more taxes.

United Solutions Group will come up with a customized distribution plan that will combat this complex problem. First, they will show you what your future distributions will be. Second, they will design a plan that will solve your tax problem, create more income, and ultimately leave more for your heirs. Give us a call today to speak about your IRA conversions and your 401K conversions so you can make an educated decision on investing for your future!