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The Many Ways In Which We Help Our Clients

United Solutions Group helps it’s clients with a variety of financial service solutions to help plan for a tax free, risk free, and stress free retirement.

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Tax Free Planning

A proper retirement plan should include multiple streams of income. At least one of those streams should be tax-free. This allows a retiree to coordinate retirement income streams to minimize taxes. Learn More…

guaranteed income benefit

Income Planning

The need for comprehensive retirement planning services increases more and more everyday as more people near retirement without the security of a defined benefit plan. Learn More…

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IRA/401K Distribution

One of the most ignored and misunderstood subjects in retirement planning. Most advisors concentrate only on Return on Investment (ROI). However, the Distribution Phase is the most important when it comes to IRA’s, 401K’s and all qualified funds. Learn More…

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Living Benefits Solutions

Most people today purchase life insurance for the unforeseen event mainly death of the primary income earner. However in America the main things that can, and usually erode retirement savings is medical issues such as Stroke, Heart Attacks, Cancer, Chronic Illness, find out more about life insurance that you don’t have to die to be able to use. Learn More…

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IRA Conversion

United Solutions Group advisors pride themselves in this special arena. They are Master Elite Advisors on IRA and Qualified Plans according to Ed Slott, National author, speaker, and America’s foremost expert on IRA planning. USG specializes on the most vital and most often ignored part by most Advisors………the Distribution Phase. Learn More…

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Business Solutions

Business owners today need as much help than ever before choosing the right retirement solutions can be the difference in saving and keeping more for you, and your employees. Most business owners haven’t heard about the Infinite Banking Solution which can provide the business with Tax Free Loans for business expenses. Learn More…

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages have become the cash strapped homeowners financial planning tool . This type of mortgage was first introduced in 1989 to give seniors age 62 and older access to the equity in their home without having to move from their home. Learn More…

Debt Elimination imac

Debt Elimination

Accelerated Debt Elimination Plans hinge on using an account as a repository for your paychecks and as the vehicle for paying down your mortgage and other debt. This account earns interest and provides the liquidity to make payments of between $1,000 and $15,000 against your principal at periodic intervals, which is calculated by our proprietary software program. Learn More…

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Fixed Index Annuity with Annual Reset Design- The Annual Reset feature can be powerful in helping you grow and maintain your retirement nest egg. This chart provides an example of the interest credited to an Annual Point-to-Point Fixed Index Annuity Contract in force from October 1, 2000 to October 1, 2013 and shows the value of the Annual Reset feature. Learn More…

Here Are Some Major Benefits Of Using USG And What We May Assist You With In Planning For Your Retirement

  • Tax Free Planning

  • Guaranteed Income Planning

  • Wealth Accumulation

  • Annuities

  • Split Annuity

  • Annuity Laddering

  • Immediate Annuity

  • Living Benefits

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Debt Elimination

  • College Planning

  • Indexed Universal Life

  • Maximum Funded UIL

  • Single Premium Life

  • Private Equity Funding

  • Term with Living Benefits

  • Life Settlements

  • Home Equity Transfers

  • Estate Tax Protection

  • Final Expense

  • Long Term Care

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Business Solutions

  • Pension Maximization

  • Executive Bonuses

  • Section 79 Plans

  • IRA/401K Distributions

  • IRA/401K Conversions

  • IRA / Roth Conversions

  • IRA Rollovers

  • Business Disruption Insurance

  • Voluntary Benefits

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

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Client Reviews: We Are Dedicated To Our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our clients. When we custom design and implement a Retirement Plan there is no need to worry about retirement. We have helped thousands of clients invest and save for retirement for the past 25 years. Check out what our clients are saying about USG.

“We Would Have Been Totally Lost Without USG.”

“United Solutions Group helped our Dad tremendously for 15 years and didn’t lose a dime and USG continued to help us thru his illness and eventual death. USG helped us with all financial situations. They called all the companies as Dad was diversified all over creation and they tracked down all the companies he was invested in and called them to help us. We would have been totally lost without them. USG helped us with all my Dad’s IRA’s…we would recommend them for anybody” – Starla and Glenna

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